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Three  Friends Who Met at NFED Kids Camp

Meet Weston, Dax and Xavier

Donate now and send a Kid to  CampMeet Weston, Dax, and Xavierm  three typical five-year-old boys who met at last year’s Kay’s Kids Camp at the NFED National Family Conference. 

Turns out they have a lot in common including their love of swimming, being silly, and a rare genetic disorder known as HED, a form of ectodermal dysplasia characterized by missing teeth, sparse hair, and the inability to sweat when overheated. 
Bringing these three boys together is what Kay’s Kids Camp is all about.  Our camp offers children of all ages the opportunity to participate in exciting new adventures and to meet other kids affected by ectodermal dysplasia. While the boys probably didn’t sit around talking about their disorder,  they did laugh a lot, run around, and have lots of fun in an environment filled with other kids living with similar issues. 

Kay’s Kids Camp is a place where kids don’t have to worry about having their dentures in, perfect hair or having to “fit in” it is a place where everyone is equal and everyone is a part of the gang! 
Help put a Huge Smile on a Kids Face! Send a Kid to Kay’s Kids Camp in Houston next month.

There are two ways you can help:

  1. Donate now.  No amount is too small and every donation will help us send another child affected by ectodermal dysplasia to Kay's Kids Camp!
  2. ​​Visit our Send a Kid to Kay's Kids Camp website. You can personalize your own donation page and ask family and friends to donate and to share the information.

$125 offers a child the opportunity to attend Kay's Kids Camp. It allows them to "just be themselves" and not have to worry about anything other than BEING KIDS!

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