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Treatment Assistance Program

The Treatment Assistance Program provides financial assistance to individuals affected by an ectodermal dysplasia syndrome for medical or dental care necessitated by the condition. We do not pay for everyday necessities such as electric bills, central air-conditioning, diapers, and routine tooth cleaning.

Because of the great need for financial assistance, children needing dentures will be given the highest priority.  If there are funds left in the fall, other requests for dentures will be considered.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Any individual who has a diagnosis of an ectodermal dysplasia syndrome is eligible to  apply. The program does not reimburse any patient for care already received. Individuals receiving funding for dental care or wigs can reapply to the Treatment Assistance Program after 18 months have passed. Individuals denied funding are eligible to reapply for funds during the next evaluation period.
How Much Funding is Available?
Each year, the Board of Directors determines the budget of the Treatment Assistance Program based on available funds. Because of the increasing number of applicants, a rapid escalation of the cost of oral health care and a limit to the amount of funds available, the NFED will make awards in such a way as to enable the provision of care to as many individuals as is possible. While awards may not equal the cost of a particular request, every effort will be made to fund care that will resolve the situation in the most economical way. In all cases, families are asked to contribute something to the cost of care be it a wig, an air-conditioner or dental care as family income allows. 
Maximum Awards from the Treatment Assistance Fund 
Wigs - $2,500 
Air Conditioners - $600 
Dentures - $4,000 
The Application Review Process
The Treatment Assistance Program Committee evaluates applications based on the following:
  • treatment needs,
  • family income
  • extenuating circumstances and
  • the number of individuals in the family who are affected by ectodermal dysplasia.  

Patients will be notified by mail of their application status within 30 days following the application deadline. If an application is approved for funding, payment is made directly to the care provider.

If you have any questions, please contact Kayla Hollenkamp at 618-566-2020.

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