Summer time is upon us and that means there will be some incredibly hot days. For those of us that can’t sweat properly, it’s especially important to have some cool activities for those hot summer days. We allowed Mister, our 6 year old that is affected by Hay Wells Syndrome, to join the swim team.  Here he is, swimming his heart out.  goals should never be easy

Not everyone has access to a swim team, or the time to devote to it, so I wanted to share ideas for other cool activities your kids (and probably you) are sure to love…

Splash Pad

If you’ve never visited a splash pad with your children, you’re totally missing out. I typically love heading to a nearby splash pad because they are either free or really inexpensive. It can be a little safer to take all of the kids to something like this instead of watching multiple children in a pool. It’s still important to take safety precautions tough.

Water Obstacle Course

You probably have plenty of items lying around your home to create a water obstacle course. Fill plastic cups with water, fill a pool with ice cubes and water, create a slip n’ slide with a tarp. This is one fun way to use your imagination when it’s extremely hot outside and the family just wants to cool off.

Make Your Own Frozen Treats

It’s one thing to play in water on a hot day, but it’s another to create and eat your own frozen treats. You can create your own popsicles by pouring Kool-Aid into a mold and then freezing. If you’re up for making a little cash, consider starting your own lemonade stand for the day with the kids. The kids get to have unlimited lemonade, while you sit back and enjoy watching them learn how to start their own little business.

Mini Car Wash

I think this is such a fun idea for kids. Set up a mini car wash for the kids. They can wash their bikes and cars in the mini car wash and it doesn’t take a lot of ingredients to make this cool activity fun on a hot summer day.

Indoor Pool

When it’s hot outside, everyone thinks of swimming outside, but what about swimming indoors? There are plenty of indoor pools that allow swimming. Consider your local YMCA or perhaps renting a hotel room for the night makes sense. The benefits of an indoor pool are that you do not need to worry about sun burning.

Water Science Experiments

When it’s hot outside, playing in water in any way shape or form is a bright idea. Consider some of the following science/water activities.

  • Mixing oil and colored ice together. It’s fun to see the little puddles of color that form from the oil and colored ice.
  • Creating ice balloon balls (also known as ice marbles) is something your kids will love. All you do is put Kool-Aid powder plus water into a balloon. You’ll want to place them in the freezer.

There are tons of cool activities you can do with your kids on a hot summer day. My best advice is to use your imagination and have fun.

What are your favorite cool activities for a hot summer?

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