Cookies for a Cure

Love cookies? (Who doesn’t?) Want to support the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) and spread awareness for ectodermal dysplasias? We have the perfect fundraising opportunity for you — cookies for a cure.

Our Cookies for a Cure fundraiser is super easy to do as a family. Spend an afternoon making a few batches of cookies. Have fun with it! Decorate them for the season — Christmas cookies are always a big hit. Our Cookies for a Cure Pinterest boards also have decorating ideas that you can put to the test.

Not into cookies? No problem! Beth Orchard decided to make muffins in place of cookies and sold two dozen for the NFED.

I decided for fall, muffins were a better bet! Beth Orchard

Whatever you decide to make, participating in Cookies for a Cure is a great way to raise awareness and funds for ectodermal dysplasias and the NFED.

Seth Cookies for a CureOur Family Fundraising Coordinator and the dad of a son affected with HED, Seth Ferris, has successfully done Cookies for a Cure twice in New York City. This past Spring, he made $220 for the NFED. He bagged some Keebler M&M chocolate chip cookies — Seth’s “secret recipe” — and hit the streets in his NFED jacket and hat.

“What attracted me to doing a Cookies for a Cure cookie sale was that it didn’t take a lot of prep work. I have done a few fundraisers in the past, and sometimes they can be a little overwhelming. A lot of calls, a lot of mailings, a lot of emails, a lot of work, but this one was super easy… All I did was walk up to people, tell them that I was raising money for the NFED, an organization that helps children, individuals and families affected by this condition, and asked them if they would like to buy some cookies. Most people bought some. A few Googled the NFED, and most were curious and supportive. I was a little nervous at first just going up to people, but it became easier and was pretty funny with each encounter having its own unique little scenario.” — Seth Ferris

NFED mom Janet Johnson is also a Cookies for a Cure veteran. She’s participated in the fundraiser twice, once with chocolate chip cookies and once with butterscotch chip cookies.

I had my husband take them to his workplace and put them in the lunchroom – the sign noted to pay him. I think the first time I made about $60 and the second time was closer to $90. Of course, some of the employees there donated more than the $1 per bag, as I did not make that many cookies. It helps that our affected son, Alex, also works part-time at the same location as my husband. The only cost to me was the supplies and the time to bake the cookies…well worth it! Janet Johnson

It’s easy as pie. Oops, I mean cookies! Throw about five cookies (or the dessert of your choosing) in a bag and stick an NFED label on it. You can find labels and brochures in our toolkit. To make the fundraiser special for your family, we can prepare a separate information sheet for you, too. We’ll include a photo and information specific to your syndrome. Contact Seth if you’d like him to put one together for you.

The next step is getting out there and selling your cookies. You can ask for donations or set a recommended price for each bag — it’s up to you. Bring your cookies to work, to school, to holiday gatherings or events! The sky’s the limit for where and when you’d like to fundraise.

Check out our toolkit for the specifics on handling donations and a step-by-step guide on how to participate in Cookies for a Cure. It’s time to get baking!

Have you participated in Cookies for a Cure? Have any questions on how it works? Let us know in the comments!

If you want to participate in Cookies for a Cure and want more information, please contact Seth.

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