mary_fete_72_dpi    Good evening!

I am in Hayes, Kansas and headed for Denver and then to Colorado Springs.   I am on my way!   We have Tim’s Expedition packed to the max and of course, full of my treats for the drive.

We left last night after Tim got home, a little later than we hoped.  The wind was blowing so hard that I thought we were going to blow off the road!  We arrived in Hayes around midnight.

Kansas feeding America.  One Kansas farmer feeds 189 people + you!


So, I will spend the weekend with my sons and their families.  Traveling with us is a Missouri box turtle for my granddaughter, Callie.  Geez, she takes up half of the back seat.  Yes, I am feeding and stopping to walk a turtle across Kansas!

Callie's present
Callie’s present

My new BFF.

What you do for the ones you love. I am excited to see my kiddos. Isn’t spending time with family just the greatest?

In just a few days, we will all be spending precious time with our NFED family at Family Conference.  I am so excited for this conference and to meet and be with you. It is going to be a great conference.  There will be lots of good educational sessions and fun social events.

Many of our medical and dental experts will also be with us so take advantage of this opportunity to get all of your questions answered. Kids Camp is packed with great activities.  The kids will have a blast and surely be tired at the end of the day.  I suspect the NFED staff will also be pretty tired by night too.  J

But with all times with family, the absolute best part is just being together; laughing and crying together, sharing our stories and making new friends, seeing old friends. We have three wonderful days together.  I am excited!

Some of you may also be on your way and others will be leaving soon.  Safe travels!  The mountains are calling us. Can you tell that I am excited?!

See you in Colorado Springs. The mountains await us!

Sending lots of love and hugs to you.


We are waiting for you!  4 days and 22 hours. But who’s counting?

tim mary

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