By Margaret Bennion

Involved parents in their child’s dental treatment helps the children receive the best treatment possible.

There are variations of ectodermal dysplasia and they differ from child to child.   Numerous health care professionals are involved in their care.  Many providers and/or parents give up or get discouraged because it is too difficult and expensive.

There are challenges in the journey, such as more appointments than can be counted and trying to coordinate them along with school and activities.  The number increases during their high school senior year and when they want to go away to college or serve a mission.  There is no doubt it is difficult to obtain the high cost medical coverage and sufficient dental coverage.

For the parents, lifelines are great communication, trust and recommendations of doctors/specialists so we can make important treatment decisions for our children.

Parents like it when the health care team joins us in the happiness we find in the journey.  Our greatest gift is to have doctors thoughtfully treat our children.  Laurel has been greatly blessed by many!  We look for the goodness.

Written by Margaret, Mother of Laurel.  Margaret is a guest blogger for the NFED and a dental hygienist.

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