Starting time: 7:30AM- 3:30PM


Ages 3-5 years: Our precious Munchkins

Crazy Kid’s Carneval: Crazy Clowns, Classic Carneval Games, Lunch Break, Marvelous Magic Show & Photo Booth Fun!

Ages 6-8 years: Cool Kids

Tri-Wizard Tournament: Wonderful Wizard Cloaks, Perfect Potter Tattoos, Wonderful Wands, Wild Wizard Games, Lunch Break, Marvelous Magic Show & Game Time.

Ages 9-11 years: Tweens

Beach Party Bonanza: Fun Flowers Leis, Funny Visors, Get to know you Games, Surfer Photos, Sea Shell Frames, Limbo Madness, Balloon Volleyball & Fish Magnets.

Ages 12-18 years: Teens

Planet X Fun Center: Laser Tag, Space Ball, Mini Golf, Lunch Time, Address Exchange!

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