Volunteer Spotlight - Women4Given

We are thrilled to have started a relationship with the Women4Given in O’Fallon/Fairview Heights, IL. These ladies were and will continue to be a tremendous supporter of the NFED.

Who are the Women4Given?

Women4given is an organization which aims to educate its members about the power of collective philanthropy, broaden awareness of issues affecting women and children, and supports non-profit organizations that offer programs to assist women and children.  It is about women pooling gifts and then meeting to explore, consider options, and jointly making a decision on what to fund.

Volunteers from Women4Given write personal notes to children affected by ectodermal dysplasia.

We invited these ladies to our open house during Ectodermal Dysplasias Awareness Month in February. They, in turn, invited us to speak at their meeting in order to get to know the NFED better and what ectodermal dysplasias are.

Because of these impressive presentations and personal contacts, the NFED received a check for $500 from the Women4Given “out of the box” project, (their way of helping outside their annual grant box). With their donation, we were able to send our two children’s books “Carver’s New Smile” and “Lionel Learns What Matters Most” to 75 children in IL, MO and the Midwest area. These two NFED books are specifically designed to encourage children affected by ectodermal dysplasias.

From the start to finish, they were an incredible group of volunteers, and because of their dedication and hard work,  our children received these books for free.

We thank them for their commitment of time, kindness and energy to this important project.

We couldn’t have done this without their financial support and helping hands.

The ladies help prepare the books for mailing.



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