Thanks to all of you who set up Facebook Fundraisers and who donated whether it was through Facebook, our website, or through the mail, we received over $39,000 in donations on #GivingNFEDTuesday.

To say we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our NFED community would be an understatement. Thank you from all of us at the NFED for your support, your generosity and your commitment – to helping advance our mission and supporting everyone affected by #ectodermaldysplasia.

A special “Thank You” to our anonymous donor for the generous matching gift of $10,000. You know who you are and we are super grateful. Without you, we would not have reached and exceeded our $25,000 goal.

If you’d like to continue supporting our efforts and be a part of the historic #GivingNFEDTuesday campaign, there is still time.  Please, go to , donate and pick #GivingNFEDTuesday in the drop down. This option will disappear on December 1st.

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