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Shortly, you will receive in the mail your National Family Conference Confirmation letter with additional information sheets to be filled out and e-mailed to or faxed to our office 618-566-4718 or bring the form filled out with you to the Conference! Below is one of these forms that need to be filled out! Want to get a head start on filling out some of the required paperwork! Click on the link below! (Print & fill out, then fax or e-mail or bring it with you)

Conference Childcare Release & Consent Form

To support children affected by ectodermal dysplasias and offer programs that nurture their self-esteem, Kids’ Camp and the teen program will be held at the hotel while parents attend sessions. Educational and social programs for the affected children and their siblings are an integral part of the conference. Each day, the children enjoy activities, entertainment, educational programs, and refreshments. Garen and Susan Gouveia, the owners of Corporate Kids Events (CKE), carefully plan camp activities for ages birth-18. Support arises spontaneously as the children interact with others who are affected by ectodermal dysplasias, as well as their siblings. Arts and activities are interspersed throughout the weekend as part of this support program. To ensure their safety, children who participate in Kids’ Camp will be photographed initially with their parent or guardian. Only those adults who appear in the photo with the child will be able to sign-out the child from camp. CKE has organized and managed camps for children of all ages for more than 21 years. All CKE counselors are certified in CPR and first aid and take part in an extensive training program. They are fingerprinted and background checked. Parents will be required to complete and return permission and emergency consent forms for each child who participates. Upon receipt of your completed registration, the NFED will send a conference confirmation packet. Kids’ Camp and the teen program are available at no additional cost for children who are 18 years of age and younger.

Corporate Kids Events, Inc has been mentioned in over 60 publications including: New York Times, Modern Bride Magazine, Special Events Magazine, KION TV News, San Jose Mercury News, Corporate Meetings and Incentives Magazine

NFED has used CKE since 2007 for both Regional and National Family Conferences.

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