by Jennifer Hagerty

With the National Family Conference fast approaching, I find myself reflecting and thinking about how much fun it would be to attend. Joshua is almost four years old and already knows that he has ectodermal dysplasia/AEC syndrome. He does not quite understand it but he knows it makes strangers gawk, point, whisper, and ask questions. Oh and lots of medical appointments!

Going to conference would mean a chance for him to feel like he is not alone. Having the chance to build new friendships and strengthen ones made online and over the phone with people who live, face, and overcome the same challenges we do.

We have been fundraising like crazy so we can afford our airline tickets. We started a page, we have sent letters to family and friends asking for donations instead of holiday or birthday gifts, and have even scheduled a Pampered Chef Party where percent of the purchases will be donated to our travel costs. We are one of the lucky families who were awarded scholarship to attend making it a lot easier to achieve our goal.

I have a feeling that this may just be the year we get to attend!! We have got our fingers crossed and hope to be meeting and seeing everyone in July at conference as we find the magic inside all of us!

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