We can’t think of a lovelier way to acknowledge all of the hard work you do than by setting aside the month of April to recognize and thank you and all of our volunteers. Just last year alone we had 364 volunteers who dedicated more than 3,652 hours to the NFED. That is truly amazing! dance fundraiser 3

You are the backbone of the NFED and I thank you with all of my heart.  You allow the NFED staff to do many things that we would never be able to do without your help.

You are critical to the success of this organization. Whether you help with family conference, serve on councils and committees, help us write content, send out mailings, make phone calls, help with database clean up, or help with fundraising…. the list goes on and on… we are so grateful!  Your time is precious, and we appreciate every second, minute, hour and day you give to us!

On behalf of our NFED family, we would like to thank you for extending your helping hands towards to us when we need the help. Sometimes we don’t even have to ask; you are just here for us.

With sincere gratitude,



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