As many of you know, the NFED kids have a great time at Kays’ Kids Camp during conference! They create meaningful friendships, play,  have fun, and get to enjoy moments with others without having to feel different from their peers.

IMG_4884As many of you also know, it may be a difficult time financially to send your children to camp because of the $125 fee.  It may even be a deciding factor if you will be able to attend Family Conference at all. That is where our motto, “Supporting You. Supporting Each Other.” comes into play. We are so blessed to have many contributors who have given to this campaign in the past, and we would love to have support from you and others by making a contribution AND spreading the word! We are all here for each other.

This year during Ectodermal Dysplasias Awareness Month, we want to try to reach out to people in our NFED circle and beyond who may know someone affected by ectodermal dysplasias or who just genuinely care about children having friendships and moments that build self-esteem and embrace their uniqueness!

Click on this link and make a donation. It all adds up. No gift is too small! We need as many people as possible to share this link with friends and family, especially during Awareness Month. What better way to show what we do then by sharing our video and photos of kids having a wonderful time during Kays’ Kids Camp.

When we reach our goal of $10,000, one extremely generous contributor will match our goal 100% with a $10,000 gift. The possibilities are so exciting right now! Join us!

Teen Group at FC CO
Thank you!


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