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Who needs volunteers? Not the NFED. We can do without volunteers!  No need to ask for a helping hand, our staff can do it all.  Why create a strong Volunteer base?  Volunteers are overrated, a nuisance, and a royal pain.

April Fools

Today is a celebration of mischief and misbehavior. It has become tradition on the first of April to pull harmless jokes on those near and dear to us. We plot and we scheme, and often the jokes are funnier in our imagination than how they play out in reality.

Volunteer Month Logo

Today, we also kick off Volunteer Month. April is the month in which we thank our volunteers for all they do for the NFED.  This is a special time to let our amazing volunteers know that we couldn’t function without them and to ask others to join our incredible group of helping hands and continue with the NFED  in our quest to support those affected by ectodermal dysplasias and their families.

Our mind-blowing volunteers are without a doubt the back bone of the NFED.  They are a major and very important component that makes up the NFED. We absolutely can’t accomplish our mission without our dedicated and remarkable helpers.

We continuously need help with hosting fundraisers to aid those with financial requests whether it is with dental work, cooling vests, air conditioners, wigs, dental evaluations, attending conferences, receiving valuable packets of information and so much more.

We need assistance with editing, interviewing, and writing your stories and blogs.  We need help with and at our Family Conference(s).  We need help with advocacy, marketing and social media, and awareness.  We need support with finding corporate sponsors.  We need help with Combined Federal Campaigns, finding employer matching gift companies and with so much more.

Thank You You Rock

The NFED’s future is in your Helping Hands!  Make Your Mark!

Everyone at the NFED truly appreciates you. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

It’s about Supporting You, Supporting Each Other.

For more info how you can volunteer, please contact Lea Richardson at 618-566-6871 or Go to  and click on Volunteer.

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