10. Be inspired or be inspiring!10382875_10152202384971716_8339488985685262628_n

9.  Have an experience you will never forget, like dancing Gangnam Style on stage with all your friends.1524029_10151994224076716_1648005198_o

8. Meet the family liaisons and enjoy their opening ceremony antics!10561559_10152325962241716_6494423894821421029_n

7. Meet the NFED staff in person!photoshop kayla and everyone

6. Show off your talents during the talent show!11094784_10152846973416716_8435474116524351705_o

5. Learn new ways to care for skin, eyes, ears, and all the other body parts that can be affected by the ectodermal dysplasias.9518723690_ace0f11f2b_c

4. Have the opportunity to meet with friendly doctors and dentists, like pediatric dentist, Dr. Tim Wright, who are experts in ectodermal dysplasias.10355668_10152236766926716_5894774632636575502_o

3. Meet family you never knew you had, like this Goltz group did!1073320_10151598643036716_1341005079_o

2. Get to know others who have the same syndrome and compare stories.1094995_10151635480011716_2115767846_n

and the number one reason to go to Family Conference is…. (drumroll)

1. It will be the highlight of your summer!14700602697_1eb7ae53bf_b

Learn more and register for the 2015 Family Conference in Colorado Springs, Co., June 23-25.

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