Three beautiful, fall days of September have been filled with families raising awareness and funds in their communities for the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED)!

The ongoing pandemic has caused many of our ongoing family fundraisers to be postponed. It was heartening to have people come together at outdoor events and celebrate people affected by ectodermal dysplasias.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who organized and supported these events.

Bruno’s NFED Golf Outing – 25 Years

The Swierczewski family and their loyal friends returned to Blue Island, Illinois on September 11 for their 25th year of Bruno’s Golf Outing. Gene Swierczeski and Chuck Swierczewski have chaired this event in memory of their late brother Bruce “Bruno” Swierczewski. Bruce started the outing in honor of his son, Eddie, who is affected by hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia.

Gene and Eddie Swierczewski

In a moving moment, Gene surprised the crowd by singing the national anthem as a tribute for 9/11. The day was filled with laughter, generous bidding on the auction, and lots of prize give aways.

It seemed fitting that the outing raised more than $25,000 for its 25th year, making it their most successful event to date. Many of the volunteers and golfers on the 30 teams have attended Bruno’s Golf Outing since the beginning. Since 1995, they have raised more than $334,000 for the NFED! Amazing.

Nikko for NFED 2021

Nikko (second from right) shows some love for his grandpa, David Reidenouer (far right) and other event supporters.

B. A. Enterprise and the Reidenouer and Vecchini families have been actively fundraising for the NFED for a few years. But, on September 18, they were able to host their first in-person fundraising event in Sanborn, New York. Their inspiration is five-year-old, Nikko Vecchini, who is affected by ectodermal dysplasia.

Live music filled the air as guests enjoyed a delicious BBQ chicken dinner. They could bid on items in the Chance Auction or take a chance on raffle. They also had fun activities for kids. David Reidenouer, Nikko’s grandpa, was thrilled with how the event went.

“The event was a smashing success. Kevin Crane brought his whole family and they were a joy to connect with. We had 186 baskets and gift certificates combined! The food was excellent. The weather was excellent. The bands were excellent. Helpers were excellent. We had people from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Wisconsin attend. “

David Reidenouer (right) thanks Kevin Crane (left) who came out to support the Reidenhours and Nikko. The dental lab owner loved making Nikko’s first denture!

Kevin Crane is the owner of Crane Dental Lab. He made Nikko’s first denture. Their lab is also a part of the NFED’s Dental Treatment Centers network.

#TeamNikko is still finalizing the income and expenses but think their profits will be about $30,000! Congrats and thanks to everyone who is #TeamNikko!

Minnetonka 5K

The Nelsen and Nawrocki families joined together on September 19 to make the 5th Minnetonka 5k the most successful one to date. Their teamwork led to a family-fun event that raised an extraordinary $50,000 for the NFED!

Two-hundred thirty runners and walkers of all ages participated this year. Most hit the course at the Shady Oak Beach Park in Minnetonka, Minnesota while others ran in their own hometowns. We loved having so many NFED families participate. Thank you to the Abbott, Anderson, Kranig, Orchard-Kudwa, Peterson, Steele, Stratz and Ward families.

Supporters could tune into the virtual event via Zoom led by Karl Nelsen who was the DJ and host. He had some help from NFED kiddos, Sammi Nelsen and Ethan Kranig! An online auction allowed bidders to take home great prizes like Minnesota Vikings gear, spa baskets, custom art made by the adorable artist, Ava Nawrocki and a special dinner made by Sammi Nelsen and Ava!

An event of this size always requires a team of volunteers. We are grateful to them for their hard work and time. Thank you, Karl and Nancy Nelsen and Tyler and Erin Nawrocki, for your commitment to this celebration of the NFED mission!

It’s Your Turn!

Have these families and their events inspired you? There are lots of different and fun ways to fundraise for the NFED. We have many ideas and tool kits to help you with planning.

Explore Fundraising

Do you or your child with ectodermal dysplasia have a birthday coming up? Facebook makes it super simple to hold a birthday fundraiser for the NFED. Or, maybe you want to join in the international celebration on Giving Tuesday which is November 30th this year. You can create your own Facebook fundraiser that day to benefit #GivingNFEDTuesday.

Download our Facebook Fundraising Toolkit to get ready. It will walk you through the easy steps to take to maximize your success.

Please call or email me to brainstorm ideas, ask for help or get support. You can reach me at 618-566-6871 or

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