I am thrilled to share that we are getting closer to having a law guaranteeing health benefits for the medical and dental care of ectodermal dysplasias and other congenital anomalies.

The Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act (ELSA) reached super majority status in the U.S. House of Representatives. This means that more than 290 of the 435 House members are now co-sponsoring our bill!

And, we did it in just six months! (In the last Congress, it took us a year. For lots of other bills, it takes them years.)

Learn About ELSA

What This Means

Two-thirds of the House now co-sponsor ELSA. This should help the bill’s chances of advancing through Congress.

There are many paths the bill could take. We are anxiously awaiting word if the bill will go through the hearing process or be placed on the House Consensus Calendar.          .

In theory, this could speed the process to a vote in the House!

Together, we can do this!

We salute our amazing advocates, passionate staff and the other organizations supporting ELSA. Their persistence made this milestone happen. 

But, here’s the reality.

Many advocates have been working for years and are getting tired. It’s hard to keep at it while also working, raising families, caring for children who have health needs…and during a pandemic!

We need more advocates on our team. There is strength in numbers. We need you.  It’s the only way we’ll get this bill made into law. 

Please join us to advocate.

No Cruising. Time to Hit the Gas!

Yes, it’s great that we hit 290. But, that does NOT mean we stop reaching out to our legislators. Just the opposite. Contact your legislators to ask them to advance the bill if they are a co-sponsor or to co-sponsor if they are not. The closer we can get to 435 co-sponsors will help our chances of ELSA passing in the House!

Here’s a list of the House members who are NOT yet co-sponsoring ELSA. Is yours on this list?

Contact Your Representative

On the Senate Side

Our next goal is to hit a super majority in the U.S. Senate. This means, 67 of the 100 senators need to be co-sponsors. We have 36. This milestone will definitely be more challenging.

But, we can do it – with your help.

Get Your Senator On Board

Other Ways You Can Get Involved

Are you tired of insurance denials and outrageous costs for your care? Are you inspired to help us get this bill passed into law? Then, join our advocates in action.

Here are ways to start:

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