We are EXCITED to announce where our next three Family Conferences will be held!

We vary the locations each year so people in different parts of the United States have a shorter distance to travel to attend. It also allows those who can travel to visit new places, which is always FUN. Wherever we go, the most important thing is that you attend. Will you join us?

2019 – Chicago

Last year, we were on the East Coast. This year, we went to the West Coast. Our next stop is the heart of America. Next year, we head to Lincolnshire, Ill!  This is about a 55-minute drive north of Chicago.  We will have more details in January.  You can also stay up-to-date on our Facebook event page.

Family Conference hasn’t been in Chicago since 1992 so we look forward to returning. Our theme is a take on the famous Blues Brother song, of course. So, grab your fedora and don your shades to meet us in Chi-town!

In 2020 – East Coast

We are not yet sure exactly where we will be on the East Coast. While this picture is of Washington D.C., we have not decided on the specific location. Our team is still recuperating from Portland last week. But, once rested, they will secure a location and we will announce it!


In 2021,  St. Louis

Every five years, we bring the Conference back home, which means the St. Louis area. We also plan to celebrate serving our ectodermal dysplasias community for 40 years. It’s hard to believe!


Bringing families together is an important part of our mission. Until we see each other again, we’ll be here, supporting you, supporting each other.

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