NFED Collaborates with Lab to Make Dentures for Kids

Has your dentist had a hard time finding a dental lab which could make dentures small enough for your child with ectodermal dysplasia? Are you a care provider searching for a dental lab to make small dentures for your pediatric patient? Learn how we can help!

Dr. Albert Guckes: A Dentist With a Big Heart

Back in the 1980s, a prosthodontist named Dr. Albert D. Guckes became interested in the ectodermal dysplasias. He speculated that dental implants might be a viable treatment for affected adults who were missing teeth. His landmark study would impact generations to come with what they learned. We not only thank Dr. Guckes for this study but for what he did for the next three decades to help our families.

Why One Dentist Loves to Help NFED Families

Dr. Jon Korostoff is an unsung hero of the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) family. His humble approach to dental care can be misleading because he is truly changing the lives of his ectodermal dysplasias patients.

My Smile – Always Has Been, Always Will Be!

Background Born to a mother with ectodermal dysplasia, I grew up knowing how my condition affected my teeth, and that someday I might need dental implants. I had eight natural teeth, four incisors and four molars – two of each on top and bottom – and wore an upper and lower removable denture starting in…

Keep on Smiling: The Story of Lucy’s First Surgery

By Lucy Davies January 27th, 2017 is a date I will never forget. To most people, it marked the one week anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, but I had something far more personal scheduled for that day – my first dental implant surgery. When growing up with ectodermal dysplasia, “implants” was a word constantly thrown…