Has your dentist had a hard time finding a dental lab which could make dentures small enough for your child with ectodermal dysplasia? Are you a care provider searching for a dental lab to make small dentures for your pediatric patient? We can help!

Our goal is always to find new ways to help our families get dental treatment. Through our programs, you can find a dentist at one of our 22 Dental Treatment Centers, apply for donated Strauman dental implants or get financial assistance for children’s dentures.

The team at Crane Dental Lab can make dentures in all sizes.

But, we often hear from families that while they have a dentist, the care provider can’t find a dental lab which is equipped to make children’s dentures.

New Partnership

Today, we are proud to announce that we have added the first dental lab to our network of Dental Treatment Centers. The NFED has partnered with Crane Dental Laboratory in Rochester, New York to help families affected by ectodermal dysplasias.

Kevin Crane, the owner of Crane Dental Laboratory, says he was inspired to reach out and help after making a denture for a young boy affected by ectodermal dysplasia earlier this year.

Recently, I received a challenging case. It was the smallest edentulous mouth I had ever worked on. The doctor informed me that it was for a four-year-old that had ectodermal dysplasia, a disorder that causes issues with hair, nails, and teeth. This young child has a lifetime of dental issues ahead of him and I was honored to be included in the treatment plan. With much planning and intuitiveness, we were able to help this young child and fabricate dentures for him. I was able to be chair side in the dentist’s office for this case, as I was so intrigued. Seeing that child smile was amazing. Through technology, we can preserve his records to make future appointments easier as he will need a replacement every two years.”

– Kevin Crane

Crane Dental Laboratory is a full-service dental lab, which is able to make removable prosthetics or implant-supported prosthetics of all sizes. Their team of technicians has more than 200 years of combined dental experience.

Like the NFED, Crane also has a strong partnership with Straumann easing the process if you are using donated Straumann dental implants.

You don’t live in western New York? That’s not a problem! Crane can work with any dentist across the United States.

How Does this Work?

If your care provider does not have a dental lab resource to help with your treatment of ectodermal dysplasia, have their dental office contact Becky Abbott on the NFED staff at becky@nfed.org or 618-566-2020. She will work with them and connect them with Crane Dental Laboratory.

Your dentist will write a prescription for the needed work, just like working with any other dental lab. If you have any questions, contact Becky.

Reducing the Barriers

The NFED continues to do all we can to increase your access to good, quality care. We are grateful to Kevin and his teams at Crane Dental Laboratory for working with us to make sure all children with ectodermal dysplasia get the smile they deserve!

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