Volunteer spotlightSeth Ferris lives in Brooklyn, NY and is an avid volunteer. He not only volunteers for the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias (NFED) but also for the local soup kitchen, American Red Cross, and the Ambulance Corp. However, his primary focus and passion belongs to the NFED.

Seth has been involved with the NFED for almost 20 years. When his son, Mac, was born affected by ectodermal dysplasia, he did not know what to expect. Seth did some research and found Mary Kaye Richter’s info and the NFED. Mary Kaye founded the NFED and was the executive director at the time.

After numerous reassuring phone calls that everything would be ok with Mac, he started to take the bull by the horns. He became actively involved with the NFED to pay it forward for the kindness and reassurance he had received from Mary Kaye. He wanted to create much-needed awareness and funding to help others with expensive dental and medical treatments. That’s how his passion for fundraising developed.

Seth Cookies for a CureHe held a very successful Art Show as his first NFED fundraiser. Next, he joined the Halloween Bash committee in 2001 and continues to serve. He’s also sponsored Cookies for a Cure events, ran in the NYC Marathon for several years, hosted two Brooklyn Don’t Sweat It Fun Walks and many more smaller awareness fundraisers.

He has also volunteered at Family Conferences he has attended; sometimes with Mac, of whom he is super proud.

“I try to be a walking billboard for the NFED,” Seth said. “I wear their shirts and spread awareness everywhere I go. I bring ectodermal dysplasias and the NFED up in any conversation somehow. Everyone should always try to be an advocate. That is how others learn about the NFED and ectodermal dysplasias.”

Seth not only has helped the NFED as a volunteer, he even served on the staff for a few years helping families with their fundraisers. We thank Seth for all he has done and continues to do for the NFED. He is a huge asset to our team.

Seth said he would like anyone who has questions about how to start a fundraiser for the NFED to contact him.

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